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This section contains information for people who are using health and social care, and for those working within it.

Tackling stigma and discrimination is key to ensuring people can get the right help and support at the right time when they struggle with their mental health.

Stigma and discrimination within health and social care settings can have an immediate negative impact on a person’s access to and experience of services, and in the long term it can be detrimental to their recovery and put them off seeking help and support in the future.

A poll we ran of over 1000 people with experience of mental health conditions in Scotland found that one in five have experienced stigma in GP practices, and one in ten in NHS services.

It can also have a huge impact on those working in the sector, who often feel unable to say they are struggling with their mental health for fear of being seen as incapable, or being judged by colleagues. If health and social care professionals aren’t able to speak about their own mental health how can they be expected to talk about that of others?

We are working together with the health and social care sector in Scotland to ensure that our mental health and wellbeing is considered no matter what difficulties we are experiencing with our physical or mental health.

Text: Mental health is just as important as physical health

In this section of the website we have information, advice and resources for people working in health and social care services, to support them in providing care inclusive of mental health, and free from stigma and discrimination.

We also have advice and support for people who are looking to get help for their mental health. We have tips and guidance on talking to health and social care professionals, information on how to recognise stigma and discrimination, and some steps you can take if you think you've experienced stigma or discrimination. 

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Find out more about the what stigma and discrimination in health and social care looks like, and the impact it can have.

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Do you need urgent help for your mental health?

Check out the urgent help section of our website if you are in a crisis and need to speak to someone instantly about your mental health.

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Perinatal and infant mental health stigma

Our resources for perinatal and infant mental healthcare professionals are made up of a literature review, good practice case studies, guidelines and useful resources.

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Anyone can be part of the movement and help to tackle stigma and discrimination. You can do as little or as much as you're able to and it all makes a difference.

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