The Benefits of Peer Support

Read about the See Me in Work Peer Learning Network and how it’s helping workplaces to share ideas on how to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination.

About the See Me in Work Peer Learning Network

To support organisations involved with the See Me in Work programme, employers are invited to our quarterly Peer Learning Network Sessions.

The Network offers a safe facilitated space for employers actively engaged in the See Me in Work programme to share their challenges and good practice around what works in tackling mental health stigma and discrimination in the workplace.  The aim of the Network is to create opportunities for attendees to:

  • Develop and improve practice to create workplaces free of stigma and discrimination.
  • Share good practice and encourage learning around creating mentally healthy workplaces.
  • Strengthen the social movement within organisations, through use of social contact to tackle stigma and discrimination within and across organisations. This means learning from people who have experienced mental health problems and stigma and discrimination, by listening to, watching or reading their stories.
  • Strengthen relationships and to share practice between organisations engaged with See Me in Work.
  • Strengthen relationships between the See Me in Work programme team and employers engaged with the programme.

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Learning from Peers 

The Benefits of Peer Support

An important part of the Network is to discuss the barriers that employers might face in implementing the See Me in Work programme, and come up with solutions.

By meeting others in similar situations, employers could be inspired to try new approaches and build on the knowledge of others. At a Peer Learning Network focus group participants shared that attending the meetings gave them the opportunity to network with other employers and find out first-hand about what had worked and what had not worked in other organisations.

Participants also felt that the Peer Learning Network created consistency with their stigma and discrimination work which can be difficult with changes to management and staff moving on.

The participants also appreciated the facilitatory role that the Network creates in getting organisations together and allowing organic connections to grow.

Linking Up 

Being There to Help 

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