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Our freely available information, tools and resources support employers across Scotland to address mental health stigma and discrimination in the workplace.

We know that mental health stigma has no place in the workplace – and yet, it continues to be a huge problem for workers across Scotland.

In the Scottish Mental Illness Stigma Study, almost half (52%) of people with experience of severe and enduring mental illness had felt under pressure to avoid discussing their mental health at work.
Stigma and discrimination like this can damage employees’ confidence, limit their potential and prolong an illness. All of this harms the employer as well as the individual.

Speaking to employees about their mental health and creating a culture where people can talk openly will not only get the best out of people, but the different insights people can give can actually help achieve organisational goals.

It takes people and passion to make a difference – not just for those who are struggling with their mental health right now or who have experienced mental health problems in the past, but for every member of staff in an organisation.

And sometimes it takes the effort and enthusiasm of employees for managers to sit up and take notice.

Below, we’ve got information on what mental health stigma and discrimination at work can look like, as well as access to freely available tools and resources that can help you, your colleagues and wider organisation take action against stigma.

From gaining a better understanding of what mental health stigma at work looks like to finding out more about our Champions Network for workers across Scotland who are passionate about tackling mental health stigma, we’ve got lots of information to help you on your journey.

See Me in Work

See Me in Work takes employers through a continuous improvement process to take action against mental health stigma and discrimination amongst their workforce. It requires buy-in from senior leadership, and a dedicated contact to lead this piece of work. If this is something you’d like to see your employer engage with, click the button below and share the link with your organisation’s HR, organisational development or senior leadership team.

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Discover tools and resources designed to help employees take action against mental health stigma.

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Getting help

See Me is not able to provide any direct support or advice to individuals in mental distress. If you need support or advice urgently, there are a number of places you can get in touch with.

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