Join us in tackling mental health stigma through the See Us movement

Posted by See Me, 29 August 2023

See Me is calling on all of our supporters, and the wider Scottish public, to help us grow the movement to tackle mental health stigma even further still.

For too long tackling mental health stigma has been seen as the responsibility of those who have experienced it.

But now we’re calling on those around them – colleagues, friends, family members, neighbours – to show them that they’re not alone. While the See Us movement has grown over the last two years, we know more needs to be done to help tackle the stigma that still exists.

We’re renewing our call to the people of Scotland, encouraging more people to get behind See Us and take action against the stigma and discrimination that continue to exist.
See Us is all about taking collective action against stigma – and encouraging everyone, whether they have direct experience of poor mental health or not, to be a part of it.

As part of the campaign, we have new social media assets and downloadable print-yourself resources to help existing supporters show that they’re part of the movement – and encourage their friends, colleagues and wider networks to get behind it too. And if you’re already a supporter of the movement, we’re encouraging you to think about how you can get those around taking action against mental health stigma – whether it’s a small start or doing something on a larger scale.

See Me director Wendy Halliday said: “We’ve seen the See Us movement grow over the last two years, with supporters located right across Scotland - in communities, workplaces, schools, colleges, healthcare settings and beyond.

“And while we’ve seen positive change when it comes to understanding what mental health is, we know we can go even further and tackle the stigma that still exists.

“We’re putting the call out to everyone in Scotland to stand up and say, ‘See Us, we’re making a difference together.’

“Wherever you want to make a change, and however you want to do it, there is something for you in this movement.”

If you’re interested in signing up and discovering new ways to tackle mental health stigma, you can find more information over on the See Us section of our website.